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Mobile Trading

Apr 25, 2015  |  05:45  IST 
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Please login into our NEW ONLINE TRADING SITE ( for smooth execution of orders in IPO, FPO, NCD and Mutual Fund.
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Dear Customer, now you can place After Market Orders online, between 17:30 Hrs to 08:45 Hrs the next day. There might be rare situations wherein due to server maintenance at our end, you may not be able to place the order during this time. We request you to try placing the order again in some time.

Fund Allocation services will not be available to you from 15.30 Hrs to 22.00Hrs  daily, due to internal maintenance job.

  • Only exchange approved scrip are allowed for collateral after deducting HAIRCUT.
  • Collateral benefit is available for Cash segment only.
  • For this facility client need to transfer this shares to ICMS BENI which is free of cost.
  • Against collateral client create position in multiple of VAR of the scrip in MARGIN product & can take a 1 time delivery.
  • Client can carry the delivery position upto T+3 day. But on T+3rd day client need to clear the debit by selling or transferring the funds. Cheque deposit not allowed.
  • Ledger should be made zero or in credit on T+5 to continue to avail this facility.
  • In case of 80%  M2M loss during the day,  intraday position will be liquidated by RMS, collateral value will not be taken into account for against M2M Calculations.
  • In case of Booked Loss exceeds the ledger balance, collateral stock will get liquidated to clear the debit.
  • Any Loss on account due to whatever reasons to be cleared by three days.
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